Monday, November 22, 2010

Grandpa's Stuff

Last month I went out to Manitoba to my Grandpa's place and while I was there I took some photos of his collections of useful stuff ... I find these things intensely compelling and tenderly heartbreaking.

In Canada ... oh, the countryside ...

Back in October my friend Kate and I turned our backs on Toronto for a too brief stay at a beautiful refuge in the forest in eastern Ontario. A simple cabin far from everything except endless trees and a tiny peaceful lake - it had a wood stove, no running water or electricity but a back-up propane range ... we brought food ingredients, big sweaters, knitting and books and writing/drawing/painting materials, Kate brought her ukulele and guitar and we packed some bargain scotch too and we just melted into our surroundings. I didn't want to leave. I want to live in the forest. Is that so much to ask?

As embarrassing as it is, I am including something that I wrote while I was in my melted state:

In the canoe with a glass of scotch and a low golden sun and Kate with her ukulele on this little lake that I love. So calm - the water, music and me. The cool air and sunshine, the tree reflections on the water's slightly rippling surface, it completes me for this moment ... makes me right. My hair has become metallic gold across my eyes, blowing in my face gently. Please lake, save me from the ugliness of this world. Please let me take your strength with me away from here into the human wilderness.

Back In Toronto ... eating well at home

An old breakfast standard of mine on this grey, rainy Monday morning.
Simply any type of apple cut up with plain yogourt on top - I like Astro Balkan style original. I often put other stuff with the apples, like pieces of banana or dried prune or any fruit really and I like chopped raw almonds on top (or any nuts) and if you like sweet things, honey or maple syrup is good on top too.

Back In Toronto

After two months of being back in Canada I am beginning to feel somewhat adjusted.
One of my favourite things about being here is having my kitchen to cook in again.
Toronto is wonderful in the autumn ... and as it becomes colder it is a pleasure to stay indoors cooking my favourite things, or trying out some of the recipes I learned in Italy ...